Atmosphere of Joy Atmosphere of Joy anhören (3,4MB)
Happy voices, they A voice of mad, Behaving thrill.
Seem so far. An empty word that lie. Through the open gate,
I have to escape, A day like long before, Ready to kill.
From that hell. A song of dead,
Emotional words, An ancient sound of sigh. Refrain:
Can't receive A day like long before,
Suggesting It will change, A song of dead, Happy voices, now.
Can't believe. An Atmosphere of Joy. They are near.
I tried to escape,
Refrain: From the highest top, From that hell.
A day without substance, To the sea. Emotional words,
A Chance of thought, From the darkest cave, Touched my soul.
An Atmosphere of Joy. Follow me. Everything has changed,
A face without substance, Never surrender, Since that day...