Silence IIHelmet WordsHelmet words...
When I was a boyFeeling great now
In ancient timesYou expand your viewRepeat first
We were looking for heroesYou can't forget sombodyHelmet words...
At beyond the sublimeHates you
Wed fly to the starsTo be save and sound
Do our skydanceLike the perfect food
Beteigeuze wasnt farIce the beer, it's easy
To infinite silenceTo feel good
Wed grow enlightedHelmet words...
Fighters in warThirst I had at last
Sailing whispering watersHelmet words
To get spirit on the shoreRun the water shut my
Those times of silencemouth and run past
And dying trees
Raining blood and goreThen my skin flakes
And Illusionary of those peaceAnother allergy
howling battered forI'm not making sense,
Just ignore me
How should we know, that silence goesFirst I'll panic quick
Unexpected depth of soulAnd listen to advice
And with the years, the wisdom growsAgree to anything and
But how to love we dont knowTry to be to nice
We dont know...